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Maid Services in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada during the holidays

During the holidays most maid services in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada are in there slow months. The thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas shorten the calender. It is usual for most House cleaning companies to be very busy just before and just after each celebration but for the most part the population have other things to spend there money on other then house cleaning. Its thankfully not common for the continuous clients to stop service but less likely for new client to singe up to have there houses cleaned.  Mayberry's Maids of Las Vegas and Henderson are very flexible with our clients if they need to move a visit or cancel for a particular day we understand that schedules change during these times. Please feel free to call us and set the holiday schedule that fit you and your family best and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We with all a very safe and happy holiday season. Please call us for any cleaning need you may have Mayberry's Home services provides many services you may require in this festive period for example if you know a family member is very allergic to dust, spores, or pet dander and they will be spending a good deal of time at your home this season have you Air Duct Cleaned to better the air circulating though your home. If after your family gets together in your home you need your carpets cleaned please let us be of service to you. Certainly if you just don't have the time we can clean up after they are all gone and make you feel at home once again. Call us for a free estimate now (702) 474-MAID (6243)

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Mayberry's Maids gives back to the Las Vegas and Henderson community with our Teacher appreciation program

Mayberry's Maids is unable to come in to your class rooms and help your teacher, but we are able to help him/her out at home. With growing class size and more demand on what should be your teacher's time at home, Mayberry’s Maids feels that a helping hand around the house would be as welcome as an apple on the desk.
Take a few minutes and tell us why your already outstanding teacher stands out to you and deserves a free House Cleaning from Mayberry's Maids. Let us know in a 1000 characters or less some of the things that make him/her so special to you. At the end of each month Mayberry's will pick a deserving teacher. Tell us your story and give your teacher the gift of relaxation and the treat of a clean home - without lifting a finger.http://www.wecleanlasvegas.net/TEACHER_FREE_CLEANING.html

Soap Scum in your shower Las Vegas Hard Water

How to Get that Las Vegas and Henderson or Nevada hard water deposits cleaned off your fixtures. Mix one part ammonia with two parts water. Spray this solution onto the location and then wipe clean. Rinse the area thoroughly.Spray vinegar directly onto the soap scum and allow it to work for a minute or so. You can usually wipe it clean within minutes.Rub a dryer sheet right onto the bathtub or shower walls to help remove the scum. www.WeCleanlasVegas.com

Mayberry's Maids on I -Team about Foreclosed Homes in Las Vegas Nevada

I-Team: New Law Targets Trashed Foreclosed Homes | Interview With Mayberry's Maids House Cleaning Company in Las Vegas

I-Team: New Law Targets Trashed Foreclosed Homes: Almost every neighborhood has a foreclosed house that looks worn down, with weeds in the front yard, and a sickening green pool. But now, leaving a foreclosure in ruin will be a crime thanks to a new state law. See the interview with Mayberry's Maids one of the Largest House Cleaning Companies in LasVegas Nevada

How to remove spray paint graffiti from your House or vehicles

How to remove spray paint graffiti from your House orwww.wecleanlasvegas.net vehicles. Our Las Vegas House Cleaning Service has many trucks and from time to time we will be the victim of vandalism to the trucks for the most part it will be spray paint. This can easily be removed from manufacturers paint by applying brand name Easy Off Oven cleaner to the graffiti leave it sit for no more than 90 seconds and simply wiping it off with a rag.(don’t use anything abrasive or you will scratch your paint) If the spray paint doesn’t come all the way off in the first try no worries repeat until it all gone. Good luck and remember if you need a Maid Service in Las Vegas or Henderson Nevada call Mayberry’s Maids

Cleaning Services in Las Vegas how do they Differ?

Las Vegas House Cleaning Services, Janitorial Services and how difficult the recent past and current environment is, how we can with confidence tell that the economy is coming back.  It’s no secret the last three to four years we have seen almost every household  tighten their belt's or prioritize their budgets. If you looking at you budget and you have to decide between if your going to get rid of  the extra Major League Baseball package on you cable or satellite TV or retain you Maid Service you will probably find yourself cleaning your home while watching you team make there way to the post season. Even more cases are people deciding whether to buy their kids  new school cloths or clean your own home I think we can all say its more important for little Tommy to have what he need to succeed in school.
In almost any scenario your Maid Service the thing you thought of as the little extra help or that personal present you got yourself for working so hard will be the first to go.  Our commercial cleaning service or janitorial services have suffered as well for many of the same reasons, but on top of  the customers budget restrains we have seen slow growth in the Las Vegas business sector making fewer new offices to clean and many of our existing customers have slowed down so much they have there own employees clean or they have so fewer employees that a service like ours isn't necessary. The worse case many have gone out of business. In the past year’s we have supplemented our income by cleaning homes that are being foreclosed on and worked for property management companies cleaning properties when they come up for rent at a rock bottom price but even that work is now slowing or is difficult to obtain because of the influx of new cleaning companies in Las Vegas area. Many people found them selves out of work and thought that the cleaning business would be a easy gig we have seen our far share of the fly by night cleaning companies come and go when they find out its not so easy after all.
Over the past few years we have watched to many of our peers go out of  business most were not prepared for the down turn in the economy and they were very leveraged with high supplier account’s, leased vehicles, lot’s of overhead etc but that’s not uncommon in any business. The cleaning business is a very fickle business seasonal for households November though February are the slowest month’s on the cleaning calendar. Most people will give up the pleasure of  having a professional cleaning service clean there home to afford buying the presents for their deserving family and the subsequent months they are still paying for December.  So you can see when the United States and the world for that matter had the biggest economical down turn in a generation how difficult it was to stay in business even with a financial downturn plan in place Mayberry’s Maids has weathered the storm as it were we have not only become one of Las Vegas Largest privately owned cleaning companies but the storm made us stronger. The good news is we see the calm ahead although the economy hasn’t come roaring back its showing sigh’s of recovery. Each day we see the phone ringing more, we see people spending on cleaning that just a few years before they would have done the work them selves.  In the offices that we service we are seeing the empty desks fill up with family pictures and personalized items in box’s are full that for so many years sat empty.  In my lowly perspective and no one can tell me different; the cleaning business is were the rubber meets the road, I can confidently say in laymen's terms the economy in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada is coming back ever so slow but in a forward motion.

How to Clean your Tennis Shoes at home

I normally throw my running shoes in the washer with my towels, I stuff the laces in the shoes and then air dry in my laundry room (which warmer than anywhere else in my house). I know most don’t recommend this because they say it shortens
 the life of the shoes. However this theory is my quality of life if not my life itself will be shorter if I have hand wash my or my kids shoes. I even recently washed my sons Nike hi-tops in the wash with great success.

If you want to try by hand if you have the time or inclination use a soft brush and use some of the tips listed below:

Prepare a solution of water and a neutral cleaner (such as liquid dish-soap or detergent you can use laundry soap and water mixture).

Remove laces and inserts if you have any and rinse the shoes with water inside and out.

Use a soft brush and the cleaning solution to scrub every part of both shoes, including liners and insoles.

Remove scuff marks with a white nylon-backed scrub pad.

Rinse the shoes thoroughly with water.

Stuff the shoes with soda cans

Wash the laces in a load of laundry. Allow the inserts to air out, and apply baking soda to them if they’re smelly.

Replace the inserts and laces after the shoes dry completely.

Apply white cream shoe polish to white leather and black polish to black leather parts.


Put one cup of water into a two cup measuring cup. Add about 1/4 cup of lemon juice. Microwave on high until water starts to boil (about 2 - 3 minutes). Let stand for another few minutes before opening the door. Remove measuring cup. Wipe down sides and bottom of microwave removing food particles. The result is a clean and clean smelling microwave. www.WeCleanLasVegas.net

Water Damage & Sewage Damage Restoration in Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

Water and sewage damage losses are both destructive to the property as well as disruptive to your life or business. Getting your property back in shape and your life back on track is our highest priority.
Our water damage restoration managers will work with your insurance companies for speedy claims processing. Water damage restoration crews are available around the clock to get your home or business back up and running sooner than later.
Restoration crews can secure materials to prevent further water damage while working to restore and dry out carpeting, floors and other structures. Multiple crews are available to work on scene for emergency water damage cleanups. Emergency water removal crews work along side emergency water damage restoration crews to offer full support and resources to your project.
Water Damage Restoration Tips
Make sure the source of water has stopped.
Move furniture away from water or raise furniture on something stable if possible.
Call Mayberry’s Home Services & Restoration for immediate service. Make the phone call as soon as the water damage occurs. The faster you call us the faster we can get their and perform our water damage restoration services.
(702) 474-6243

Mayberry's Maids is the Premier House Cleaning Company

Mayberry's Maids is the Premier House Cleaning Company in Las Vegas, Henderson and surrounding areas.

Since 2000 Mayberry’s Maids have been providing the highest quality professional cleaning services and maid services in Las Vegas area. Our mission is to provide the best professional residential and commercial cleaning service from the most reliable, trustworthy and dependable cleaning company while maintaining low, competitive rates for our clients.
We've built strong relationships with our customers by maintaining their homes the same way they would. We inspect our maids’ work and ensure quality cleaning services. That is why we stand by our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with any part of your home or office, that part will be cleaned again free of charge. We are that sure, you are going to love our professionalism and quality as a maid service!
By hiring Mayberry’s Maids professional maid and cleaning services for your home of office, you are guaranteeing yourself peace of mind and a clean house. We service all Las Vegas and Henderson area and have an expansive client base for our maid cleaning services. The janitorial services are perfect for your office cleaning needs. Our maid services are the premier house cleaning services in Clark County. Over a decade of experience stands as proof of our commitment to delivering the highest quality maid and janitorial services at residential and commercial properties.
Mayberry's Maids & Carpet Cleaning serves Las Vegas, Henderson, Spring Valley, Red Rock, Sun city Anthom, Rhouds Ranch, Picoloie Ranch, The Lakes, Sun City Summerlin, Summerlin, Southern Highlands, Siena, Seven Hills, Lake Las Vegas, Green Valley, Centennial Hills, Canyon Gate, Camino Del Norte, Elk Horn, Anthem, Aliante, Sun City Anthem, Rhodes Ranch, Red Rock Country Club, Queensridge,painted desert, MacDonald Ranch, Painted Desert, Peccole Ranch, Desert Shores, Canyon Gate, Spanish Trails, Spring Valley, Nevada

What is included in the Move In/Out Cleaning in Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

Question: Whats is included in the Move In/Out Cleaning by                   Mayberry's Maids & Carpet Cleaning

At Mayberry’s Maids and Carpet Cleaning we have been cleaning homes for property management companies  big and small for years. Over the years working with privet home owners and management companies we have put together a comprehensive program that covers 99% of the things people are looking for whether you are a potential tenant or you are the inspector for the home owner cleanliness is no small matter.  Each home is a little different and people live in different ways some live extremely clean and some just don’t to the other extreme. We will try to spell out what things you should expect in the Move In/Out cleaning but again homes very in the level of cleanliness.



                         1. Clean all smudges and soiled areas, especially near switches, range and sink.
                              (Again each home is different sometimes trying to remove a smudge from flat paint
                              can make things appear worse that they were originally. Cleaning walls and
                              baseboards is time consuming and most property management companies will
                              consider dirty walls to be normal wear and tear. Also when cleaning walls and
                              baseboards you must have realistic expectations how clean they can become.)

                         2. Vacuum and wipe clean all blinds and draperies dusting does not always get them
                              clean any good cleaning company like Mayberry‘s Maids will wipe them down
                               with appropriate cleaner by hand.(Some blinds made of plastic can not be cleaned
                               years of sun have damaged them in a way that cleaning is not an option.)

CEILING FANS,  A/C VENTS  (Mayberry’s Air Duct Cleaning is available as well)
                           3. Clean all fan blades with towel and appropriate cleaner.
                           4. Clean all air conditioner vents and replace filters if applicable.
                           5. Clean all vents and ventilators including those in the kitchen and bathrooms.

LIGHTS              6. Clean all light fixtures with appropriate cleaner and towel dust if necessary but not
                                only the duster to get them clean
                          7. Defrost and clean refrigerator including shelves, drawers and gaskets, do not
                                   unplug or turn off refrigerator.
                          8. Clean Stove and Oven. Do not use oven cleaner on self cleaning ovens.
                          9. Clean cabinets/drawers, pantry shelves and doors inside and out.
                          10. Clean all tile floors including areas beneath movable appliances.
                          11.  De-grease or change hood fan filter when necessary ( the customer usually supplies.)
                          12. Clean toilet, basin sink, shower/tub. No soap film or mildew in grout.
                                 ( Some grout must be cleaned with high pressure washer depending on the level of
                          13. Clean cabinet, shelves and drawers including any closet shelves and doors,
                                   inside and out remove contact paper if it applies.
                           14. Wash and clean shower doors including the tracks.
                           15.   Scrub bathroom floor with special attention to the corners and edges.
                           16.   Make sure bathtub stoppers are in working order or replaced.

                           17. Vacuum carpets and have them professionally cleaned.
                           18.  Other types of floors should be thoroughly cleaned paying close attention to
                                     the edges and corners.
                           19. Clean and properly reinstall screens if they are down.
                           20. Clean windows, sills, sliding glass doors and tracks.
                                 (This is not always something a Management company require the window to
                                  be cleaned this may very from owner to owner. Each cleaning should
                                  however include sliding glass doors and any doors that have windows in them.)
                           21. Clean and de-grease parking stalls or driveway/garage.
                           22. Sweep and clean all balconies, patios, sidewalks and garage.
                           23. Trim, weed and clean yard.
                           24. Remove all trash, rubbish and miscellaneous items from the property.

                           Call Now (702) 474-MAID (6243)

Carpet Cleaning in Las Vegas Nevada

Did you know,Truck-Mount Steam Extraction is the method nearly every carpet manufacturer requires for warranty performance? This method heats the cleaning and rinse solutions in excess of 200 degrees. The steam heat acts as a catalyst to facilitate the removal of soil, spills, and major problem areas on the carpet. Simultaneously, the moisture is extracted from the carpet with an extremely high-powered vacuum system. The combination of the high heat and powerful vacuum are the two main reasons this method is far superior to other cleaning methods.

Mayberry's Carpet Cleaning Services in Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada uses one of the most sought after Truck-Mount Steam Extraction units. Since the use of detergents and other chemicals is minimized or avoided altogether with the hot water extraction cleaning method, this method is advantageous for persons concerned about possible chemical exposure, especially for children crawling or playing on recently-cleaned carpets. This method also minimizes concerns about breathing volatile chemical compounds that might be used in other cleaning methods andavoids the problems associated with detergent residues that can remain in the carpet with other cleaning methods. 

Carpet Cleaning: By Mayberry's Maids
Three-Step Cleaning Process:
Detergent residues on carpet fibers can attract dirt from the soles of shoes as people walk on a carpet, causing the carpet to become dirty again soon after cleaning. That’s why Clean Right Companyuses aThree-Step Carpet Cleaning Systemto ensure all we leave behind are cleaner, softer and more beautiful carpets.

Here’s how it works:
When our professionally trained, insured carpet cleaning technicians arrive at your home, they start with a pre-inspection to identify problem areas and spots needing extra attention. Then the Three-Step Cleaning Process goes to work:

Step 1: Pre-Spray. A special heated carpet cleaning solution is sprayed deep into the carpet fibers to loosen embedded dirt and break down oils and proteins.

Step 2: Clean & Rinse. It’s followed by a high-powered extraction and pH-balancing fiber rinse to remove the dirt and cleaning solution, leaving your carpet as clean as it can be.

Step 3: Rake and Dry. This is, by far, the most important step in the Three-Step Cleaning Process. After rinsing your carpets our technicians will set up air-movers and rake your carpet in most cases, lifting the carpet fibers allowing proper airflow to penetrate the carpet fibers facilitating the drying process. 

The result is a fast drying, residue free, deep cleaned carpet that looks, smells and feels great! Drying the carpets is an option for our customers.

FAQs:Should I vacuum my carpets before you come?
Yes, we would prefer the carpets be vacuumed prior to our arrival. Vacuuming the carpets will remove the surface dirt and dust particles so that we can concentrate on getting your carpets clean deep down at the base. If you are unable to vacuum, please let us know at the time of scheduling your appointment so we may allow additional time. There will also be an extra cost for this service.

Do you move furniture?
We like to ask, if possible, that the customer move the lighter objects off the carpeted areas before we arrive. Examples would be floor lamps, dining chairs, plants and whatever else you can comfortably remove. We clean around all large, heavy pieces of furniture such as beds, dressers, entertainment centers, china hutches and pianos. By asking our customers to be prepared for our arrival, we are able to do a more thorough cleaning and offer the customer the best value for our service.

All prices are subject to change as necessary! Prices here are considered for cleaning of the Average Space, NOT for Extremely Small or Extremely Oversized spaces.
If you want us to charge you by the square footage; our price is: 25 cents per square foot for residential. We do have a Minimum Charge of $90.00


Here are the simple steps:

1) Remove dirt: Wipe the exterior surfaces of the pumpkin clean using a damp cloth.

2) Make a bleach solution of 1 tablespoon of bleach (typical brand name "Clorox) per quart of water and put it in a spray bottle.
Spray the pumpkin inside and all cut areas of the pumpkin with the solution. This will kill much of the surface bacteria and mold that cause rotting.Let it penetrate and dry for about 20 minutes

3) Rub all of the carved or cut surfaces with petroleum jelly. This will keep out new bacteria and molds as well as dramatically reduce the dehydration!

4) Wipe away excess with a paper towel! Now, keep your pumpkin out of direct sunlight and try to keep it as cool as possible (but above freezing!) and you should get at least a week's enjoyment out of i

Holiday House Cleaning in Las Vegas Nevada

Mayday's Maids of Las Vegas House Cleanerswould like to take this time to wish you and your family a Very Happy Holiday. In the busy time we live in it’s very difficult to spent the time with our family that we would all like too. It’s even more difficult to find the time to set up a family gathering. We would like to be help to you in setting up and breaking down the perfect family gathering . Mayberry’s  Maids offers many different Services in Las Vegas to help you prepare for you family to come to your home. From our Maid Service to Carpet cleaning whether you need the cleaning before or after the party the flat rate carpet cleaning we offer will not break the bank. Call us now to help you put together a plan of action at your home to make your holiday less hectic and more pleasurable to you and your family here in the Las Vegas and Henderson Valley.

Please also look at our very important page that can make your favorite teacher happier for his/her Holiday as well  Mayberry's Maids is unable to come in to your class rooms and help your teacher, but we are able to help him/her out at home. With growing class size and more demand on what should be your teacher's time at home, Mayberry’s Maids feels that a helping hand around the house would be as welcome as an apple on the desk.
        Take a few minutes and tell us why your already outstanding teacher stands out to you and deserves a free House Cleaning from Mayberry's Maids.  Let us know in a 1000 characters or less some of the things that make him/her so special to you. At the end of each month Mayberry's will pick a deserving teacher.  Tell us your story and give your teacher the gift of relaxation and the treat of a clean home - without lifting a finger.

Home Cleaning in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada

Mayberry's Maids is proud to announce that we will be opening a branch in Henderson Nevada. Our new branch will be at or close to 1000 North Green Valley Pkwy. Henderson Nevada 89074. In the future we hope to fill you every house cleaning or Air duct Cleaning,Carpet Cleaning, and Window Cleaning need. Please give us a call at (702) 747-MAID(6243) or check us out on the web at www.wecleanlasvegas.net Cleaning in Henderson Nevada is What we do best.

Spring Cleaning vs Regular House Cleaning in Las Vegas Nevada


    As people call and ask for a variety of house cleaning styles we have heard it all ie:  Moving out cleaning, Moving in cleaning's, Spring Cleaning, foreclosures, construction clean up, clean up after a families reunion you name it and Regular style cleaning there are big differences between them all. From time to time I will use the analogy  that most people that are going to use a cleaning company will have taken there car to a car wash and at different times to a Professional  Auto Detailer, both are good cleanings a regular car wash will generally run from $20 to $40 depending on some small extras. A Professional Auto Detailer will charge some where between $150. to $200 the differences are clear a car wash will clean inside and the out side of the car Armer All the Dash and Tires and when you drive away it smells good and you fell good. The reasons behind getting a car detailed is sometimes to do with maintenance as well as appearance. A good detail cleaning will include cleaning in the trunk, cleaning the engine and undercarriage, wheel well's, etc. Now you might be asking yourself why is this House Cleaning Company going on and on about getting my car cleaned, here is why. Your house like your car has areas you don't pay much attention to unless you open the hood or pull out your washer, dryer or refrigerator things or places that are out of sight and mind. How about those high shelves in your kitchen when was the last time you looked up there? probably when you moved in. According to The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America Dust mites are a leading cause for allergic episodes. Most Mayberry's Maids customers are surprised to see how many blemishes we can remove from walls and baseboards. Home owners are in disbelieve in how much dirt and dust we remove from the binds. Alighted when they see the inside there Refrigerator and how clean it became gone are the spills from last years Thanksgiving. How about your Ceiling Fans and Light fixtures we will stand up on a ladder and wipe them not just dust them cleaning them in a way that they haven't been clean since probably were new. The average size home in the Las Vegas and Henderson area is 1550 sq to 1850 sq ft.  and for a regular first cleaning of this size homes would be approximately $120 to $180 on average usually a Spring Cleaning in Las Vegas Henderson Nevada will be double the regular cleaning $240 to $360. US so you can see that the differences are there and fundamentally up to the consumer which services you choose Mayberry's Maids recommendation is to make a list of priorities and we can follow them in session maybe you will be painting soon and the wall aren't important to you, or may be dusting the blinds is sufficient thing like that can take time off and subsequently take money off. We hope that this information has been informative and if you have any questions for us please call (702) 474-MAID (6243) or check us out on the web at www.WeCleanLasVegas.com 

What Make's Mayberry's Maids stand out from other House Cleaning Companies in Las Vegas

  Mayberry's Maids is a Local house cleaning company in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada over the years Mayberry's has stood out from the rest as a innovator giving services to there customers that some others don't offer. One such way we stand out is we offer free of charge dry cleaning delivery. While cleaning your home we will take away any the soiled cloths, comforters, drapes, etc and bring them back on your next visit. even sooner if you wish.

 Mayberry's Maids has made it possible for flat rate carpet cleaning in Las Vegas and Henderson area. What flat rate carpet cleaning is No Extra Charges for treatment or processes like other carpet cleaning companies do no more hard sell or Bait and Switch.  We built the foundation of this company cleaning company  

 Mayberry's Maids and Carpet Cleaning from hard work, outstanding performance and total dedication. We know that we are not only building our reputation but we are helping to build yours as Well. We take very seriously our roll in  Property Management Company, and Property Preservation Services Neighbor and Las Vegas home owner.

 Mayberry's Office Cleaning Services is a full service system offering not only everything you may need to clean your office but extras like commercial carpet cleaning, commercial window cleaning, free dry cleaning pick up and delivery, tile cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning and more. Our trained teams of office cleaning professionals are discreet and  courteous to desks that appear to be in a certain order paper work wise.
Our Goal is that on the day of you office cleaning visit our team leaves behind a coupon for House Cleaning in your home, The next week while we are cleaning your home our Maids will leave behind the dry cleaning we picked up at your office in you closet and leave behind a coupon for our Lawn Care Service. While our Lawn Care services completes there task they will leave behind a coupon to save 10 % off on your auto detailing and Window Cleaning Services from Mayberry's Home and Offices Services. We hope to be able to be the one call does all for your home and office put all of these things on the schedule and leave it all up to us that its getting done and you can go on with your ever so busy life.

Check out how we work Hard to better our community as well with our Teacher Appreciation Program.

 Mayberry's Maids is unable to come in to your class rooms and help your teacher, but we are able to help him/her out at home. With growing class size and more demand on what should be your teacher's time at home, Mayberry’s Maids feels that a helping hand around the house would be as welcome as an apple on the desk.

        Take a few minutes and tell us why your already outstanding teacher stands out to you and deserves a freeHouse Cleaning from Mayberry's Maids.  Let us know in a 1000 characters or less some of the things that make him/her so special to you. At the end of each month Mayberry's will pick a deserving teacher.  Tell us your story and give your teacher the gift of relaxation and the treat of a clean home - without lifting a finger.

Carpet Cleaning in Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada Mayberry's Home Services

Years ago Mayberry's Maids saw a injustice happening in front of our eyes from time to time. Over and Over we would be cleaning a home that our customer was getting ready to move in to or out of to secure there cleaning deposits and invariably we would see some Carpet Cleaning Company come in at one price and end up at an other price much more than originally told over the phone. Here is what I mean, In many cases Carpet Cleaning Companies inLas Vegas and Henderson Nevada will send out advertisements to your Mail box with exceptionally great prices like $54 any six rooms or boasting $8-$10 per room, What they are not telling you is that for those prices they don't include chemicals and treatment that are necessary to get your carpet clean.This is what we call in the business "Bait and Switch" do or say anything you can to get in the door and then sell. The type of Carpet Cleaning Services I'm describing in this peace are not really Carpet Cleaning Technicians they are more like trained Sales people. So to combat the Bait and Switch sales tactics Mayberry's Carpet Cleaning Service in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada adopted the Flat Rate Carpet Cleaning Method. 

The Best House Cleaning Company in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada Mayberry's Maids 35 years of Customer trust

  A great house cleaning company typically excels in several key areas: Quality of Service : They consistently deliver high-quality...