Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Why Would I Hire A Professional Cleaning Company To Clean During Coronavirus (CoVid-19) Crisis

In this Global pandemic many of you may want to ask yourselves some very serious questions regarding whether to invite cleaning companies into your home or office.


 Should people get their home cleaned by a professional cleaning company such as Mayberry’s Maids during this global pandemic?


To those of us in commercial and residential cleaning world the question becomes a simple one. Professional cleaning companies such as Mayberry’s Maids that have set protocols such as Disinfecting each company vehicle at the start of each day. Employees disinfect tools before entering a home or office, we are never using towels, mops that have not been laundered.  Mayberry’s Maids employees are wearing protective gear such as face masks, booties and gloves but most importantly we are using cleaning chemicals that may not be available to the public at large. Chemicals that are on the list of EPA approved and can be used in the fight to combat Human coronavirus or COVID-19. Procedures that a novice may not know even if you were able to gain access to approved chemicals training is imperative. Chemicals that fight Virus such as CoVid-19, Blood Born Pathogens such as hepatitis B & C have specific operational guidelines for example a disinfectant may be only killing germs and virus if sprayed and left topical for a period of time dependent on what you are trying to achieve.


Should I invite a professional cleaning company into my home to clean?


Moms, Dads, caregivers of all types the question gets very personal. Some may feel in order to stay healthy and safe during these trying times we should isolate ourselves from the outside even from the professional cleaning company they have been using for years. Maybe you because of shelter in place you have the time to clean yourself, so you go to the cabinet under the kitchen sink and grab your bottles of store-bought cleaners and go to work. Once again, we need to reiterate the aforementioned you should investigate your cleaning company do your homework literally questions you should be asking are, they acting on janitorial industry set protocols like Mayberry’s Maids to prevent cross Contamination? Do the employees of said company have training by the chemicals manufacture on how to use the chemicals in their quest to disinfect? Has the company changed with the times to take extra precautions and are they implementing them? Only when these questions are answered will you have an informed opinion whether to allow them into your home or office to clean, sanitize and disinfect.


Ones I have made the decision to allow a professional cleaning company into my home or office what should I Expect?

Just because things are dirty, or messy, or you just don’t have time to clean or pick up after yourself and children does not mean that’s the only time you clean or hire a professional cleaning company like Mayberry’s Maids to come in. We as Humans carry a lot of germs on our person. whether it be from the many things we take out into the would with us on a continuous basis like our wallets, purses, money, cell phones, keys fobs, etc. Imagine the things inside your home that are crawling with germs door handles, light switches, garage door openers, tablets even your remote controls have germs on them and can carry virus. A professional cleaning company like Mayberry’s Maids will wipe the items in your home most likely to carry germs


If I have Pets what can using a Professional cleaning company do to help with keeping them safe?


If you have pets in the home pets carry a lot of germs their cute little noses become perfect moist Petri Dish you might say they can spread some germs or bacteria from human to human. In 2013 a study was performed that homes with pets have a higher number of bacteria and a more diverse range of different kinds. Such as salmonella, Leptospira, Lyme disease, and Campylobacter which are all harmful to humans. So, what would a cleaning company like Mayberry’s Maids do to help with your pet. Our employees are trained to pay special attention to the areas that your pets eat at or spend their time at to help keep them healthy and help with the cross contamination that may occur from pet to owner.


Our My Children better off by using a cleaning company?


Our children are usually unwilling culprit’s to why many in a home gets sick. All though nothing is definitive on this date that our youth can spread or even get the CoVid-19 we will have more information in the future for sure for now we know this they’re playing outside on the swings and the playground toys that can be covered with germs given to us nature and maybe the kid next door. They pick up germs from schools, and daycare as well as friends. We all touch their faces, wipe our noses just like children it just that adults hopefully take more care to clean up afterword. It is Mayberry’s Maids mission to pay detailed attention to the little one’s rooms and our employees are trained to look for the hot spots even the basketball or bat that may be leaning in the corner. Mayberry’s Maids are looking for less obvious places the germ may call home like the desk drawers below the laptop or computer so many hours get spent at while our little one are playing video games the chairs they are sitting upon and controllers they are using.


Now that’s just the common germs and situations that we as people deal with on a day to day basis.
Now that we are in a worldwide pandemic you can imagine how more important it is for the home to be cleaned and disinfected more often than usual. In order to stay healthy during this time of emergency it is naive to not have a professional cleaning company like Mayberry’s Maids come and clean. So, what we are saying is if not just because we use EPA Approved chemicals, but we are trained to disinfect the areas you may neglect and of course that will keep everyone’s mind at ease and hopefully this virus at bay.

Mayberry’s Maids is a professional cleaning company that has been in business for several years in Las Vegas providing services such as residential and commercial cleaning, air duct and dryer cleaning, post construction cleaning, carpet tile and grout cleaning, power washing, trash removal and window cleaning here in Las Vegas. We are a one stop shop, which is very rare here in Las Vegas. Our staff are professionals at what they do not subcontractors in the form of an UBER business model. They are trained in germicide treatment which has been proven to be effective on virus’s like coronavirus like covid-19, Avian, MRSA, hepatitis B and C, and Influenza A. The staff also has the knowledge and are trained to work with all other chemicals that cannot be bought at a big box store.   

 Please remember it’s very important that we wash our hands more often than usual , before we eat, after using the restroom, changing diapers, coughing and sneezing, walking or handling your pets, and when we come in from outdoors in our daily activities because even after Mayberry’s Maids disinfects your home or office its still up to you what you bring into your home.

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