Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Maids in Las Vegas and how to do a Move in/out cleaning in your home.

Things you should expect to be cleaned by your maid services in a Move In - Out Cleaning

Your home should be made ready for occupancy.

KITCHEN Cleaning should include Inside every Cabinet, cupboard and Drawer should be cleaned the tops of the cabinets should be cleaned as well. No detail should be left behind. Inside of all the
appliances must be cleaned the appliances should be pulled out and cleaned behind them, under them and the exterior of them. The refrigerator must be pulled apart and detail cleaned inside NOT just wiped out again no detail left behind. The oven, microwave and even the dishwasher should be done on the inside. When it comes to the laundry room many cleaning companies fall short the washer and drier should be cleaned on the inside as well as the outside they also must be pulled out  to insure that the wall behind are cleaned any lint is removed and old clothing that may have fell behind, Lint traps should be void of any refinements.  Walls and Baseboard though out the property should be dusted and wiped down this will very on if the walls are to be painted in the near future or not. In the case that wall will be painted then a good dusting along the top of the baseboards should be done to prevent a not so detail oriented painter doesn't paint over the dust. Wall's it should be said home owners should have realistic expectations to how much can be removed from walls and baseboards.

Mayberry's Maids like any cleaning company in Las Vegas we do our best to remove scuff's and marks from walls and baseboards there is many different ways to clean them but that must be determined on the job-site. Some things to look for before cleaning wall are if the paint is flat semi-gloss or eggshell some are easier to clean then others. Management companies and landlord's usually will tell you if they plan to paint after you move out, or if you are planing on moving into the home you should determine if you want to spend time and money cleaning walls you will be painting anyway.

BATHROOM Cleaning is the most time consuming part of this expedition the master bath in particular. Restrooms are inadvertently more disposed to use and the master is more so. Cleaning in a master the light fixtures all the way down to the floor is important, once again getting inside of every cabinet and drawer looking for things such as hair or whiskers and use good lighting look for toothpaste that can be difficult to see. Bathtubs and shower's can be difficult in the fact that sometimes caulking may be old and stained but can look dirty.

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