Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Deep Cleaning or Move in/out cleaning in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada

Mayberry's Maids offers many styles of cleaning but one of the styles you may be looking for is what we call in the business as a Move In/Out cleaning. The cleaning of the home is a very detailed one our goal is to make the home ready for the next people to move in and fell as thought the last people went there the best we possibly can. The cleaning included but is not limited to inside of every cupboard, cabinet, medicine chest though out the property. Inside of all appliances, pulling them out and cleaning underneath them behind them and the walls. We wipe done not just dust your ceiling fans, light fixtures, blinds, window sills and tracks though out. Of course the your bathrooms will be disinfected from the light fixtures all the way down to the floor paying special attention to the corners, shower doors and tracks. All the doors that have windows will be cleaning along with walls and baseboard thought. We take
the time to clean even the high window sills above your cabinets and all high shelving in the home.  Other services we can offer you are power washing the garage and side walks, drive way from grease to oil or even the pesky bird void left behind by an unwanted guest. In some cases we can power wash the bird void from roofs, exterior walls and certainly the concrete.
In many cases a Home owner will have the air ducts clean usually if the person paying for the cleaning is also doing the moving in air duct cleaning will take away many of the smells that you may smell in the home but also of course it betters the air quality in the home especially if you or a family member has a problem with allergies. And of course Mayberry's Flat Rate Carpet Cleaning will improve any home was developed becauseMayberry's Maids in Las Vegas saw an injustice perpetrated on unsuspecting home owners by unscrupulous Carpet Cleaning Companies. One after another Carpet Cleaning companies prey on the Carpet Cleaning Customer that just wants clean carpets for a fare price but instead they get the "Scam". The Scam is Bait and Switch pulled by Carpet Cleaning Companies across the country not just Las Vegas or Henderson Valleys. Over and over again we see these so called Discount Carpet Cleaning deals in Las Vegas Mail boxes or on telephone poles. Carpet Cleaning Services claiming that they will clean your carpets for $6 to $10 dollars per room. Carpet Cleaning Companies can not clean carpets for these prices and do the carpet cleaning correctly. It's when the Carpet Cleaner gets to your home that you discover the real price for Carpet Cleaning. They will use terms like Pre-Conditioning, multi-chemical treatments, and others to up sell you into inflated prices. Pressure sales tactics are taught to Carpet Cleaners in Seminaries, sometimes special tools or black lights are used to scare you into Carpet Cleaning treatments that should have been a part of the carpet cleaning service from the start. Flat Rate Carpet Cleaning is one way to insure you receive the treatments and best carpet cleaning available to you and your home. No Carpet Cleaning Pressure sales and No unwarranted treatments. Our up front price structure will provide peace of mind that you and your neighbor will pay the same price for Clean Carpets No haggling involved guaranteed.

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