Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Maid Services in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada

In Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada there are many Maid Services to choose from but like our parents taught us buyer beware. As you call around to find a service that will be servicing your home and more importantly a service that will be so close to your family's private things. Questions you should ask.

Q: Is your company licensed to work in the city that I live in?
A: We are licensed and can fax, email, or provide a copy at the time of our visit.

Q: Are the people that will be working in my home employees of your company or are they subcontractors?
A: Yes each person that will be in your home are employees of our and cover under the companies umbrella of insurances. 

Q: What types of insurances do you carry and can I get copies of the insurances or bonds?
A: We carry 1 million dollars in liability insurance that protests your home from any damage we may cause to it and State required worker's compensation insurances that covers any home owner from our worker being injured in your home. Also we carry a bond this insures that any money you pay prior to our starting the work if we don't complete it you will be compensated by the bond company. 

Q: Are the employees that will be coming to my home be clearly marked with uniforms or name badges so that I know who I'm opening my door to?
A: Yes our employees are wearing company uniforms and drive a company vehicle clearly marked for you and your neighbors to see.

Thees and more questions should be asked and answered by consumers and companies alike be sure that you hiring a local company and not a out of town website that merely subcontracted workers sometimes with out any back round on the people that will be among your most prized possessions. Be a smart consumer and ask the questions above if your troubled with the answers you get you can always call Mayberry's Maids Las Vegas number one maids service at 702-474-MAID (6243)

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