Friday, March 30, 2018

Whats The Cost For Dryer Vent Cleaning Services in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada

 Cleaning your dryer vent is not only for your safety although that should be paramount when considering cleaning it, economics can be a very compelling argument as well. On January 19, 2016, in Las Vegas, the fire department determined that an abundance of lint in a dryer vent was the cause of a fire that took a double-wide mobile home burnt to ashes. Authorities say that if the regular maintenance of the dryer vent was done the fire could have been averted. Economically speaking the machine itself was not working to its full potential and the tenant would have probably needed to run the dryer two to three times longer because of the clogged dryer vent. If properly clean lines and machine are used you can save a great deal of money and time doing laundry.  In all of my studies before writing this article I have found no one person who said they don't spend enough time doing laundry. In my opinion, if for around $140.00 I can save 20 to 30 hours less per year doing laundry I'm in. Appliance repair technicians will tell you that a majority of their calls are for clogged vents and that's a service that most appliance technicians don't do, so now the homeowner has likely paid a service call to a technician to repair the dryer that didn't need repair and the advice to the homeowner from the appliance tech is to call a company such as Mayberry's Air Duct Cleaning There is nothing better that saving time and money but if you and save property and more mportanly life ten prventive maintainance is the way to go.
"The fire was caused by an abundance of lint in the dryer vent," NCFD officials said in a statement."Residents are reminded to clean out the dryer lint trap each time the clothes dryer is used and to move the dryer to clean the attached vent about every six months."

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 Each day the tenant or homeowner that watches our trained technicians pull away from the dryer from the wall and when they eventually see the debris that we remove from the dryer vent line astonishment overcomes their face. Call Mayberry's Air Duct Cleaning trained professionals can come to your home for in most cases $140.00 and leave you with peace of mind.Call Now we are standing by the phone for your call 702-474-6243

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Monday, March 19, 2018

How much should it cost for Air Duct Cleaning in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada

Ask Mayberry's Home Services can make your home the cleanest it can become. 
Your home isn’t really clean unless your air supply is also clean. Good indoor air quality is crucial for your family’s health and quality of life since indoor air pollution can lead to allergic reactions, asthma flare-ups, headaches, fatigue and even concentration problems.
Today’s well-insulated homes are great on the energy-efficiency front, but they also tend to trap the stale, contaminated air inside.
Harmful bacteria and viruses along with lung irritants such as pollen, dust mites, and pet dander may also build up on the inner components of your home comfort system. The buildup can cause your system’s performance to suffer and energy bills to increase. Your system’s useful life may even be cut short. How can you tell if your home would benefit from duct cleaning? Ask yourself these questions:
  • Is mould growing in your duct system? According to the EPA, duct cleaning is in order if there is significant visible fungi growth inside ductwork or on other internal parts of your HVAC system. They recommend professional testing to verify that suspected material is mould.
  • Have your ducts become infested with vermin, mouse droppings or insects?
  • Is your ductwork lined with debris and releasing it into your home through supply registers?
  • Is it time to have your air conditioning and heating system cleaned? The EPA recommends that combustion heating systems, stoves or fireplaces be inspected annually to help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Preventive maintenance such as cleaning internal parts should be included. Consider having duct cleaning done at the same time for best results.
  • Does your local HVAC professional recommend it? Your heating and cooling contractor can advise you after an inspection of the system. Be sure to ask questions to be sure your contractor is knowledgeable and experienced. He/she should use the latest HEPA duct cleaning technology with excellent filtration capabilities and have a procedure for safely disposing of buildup after it’s removed from the duct system.
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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Prices for Air Duct CLeaning in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada

Mayberry's Air Duct Cleaning Price list for the Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada areas.
The Reason Mayberrys Air Duct Cleaning posts the cost to clean your air duct on the web page and others don't. Air Duct Cleaning in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada doesn't need to be so hard. Companies out there will use tactics to get their foot in your door when magically the price doubles if not triples from what they told you over the phone. Mayberry's Maids and home services have been offering home and office cleaning for decades in the Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder areas. We have chosen to be a leader in the many fields of cleaning we offer by not only keeping up with the newest methods but also being the most transparent with our pricing. In many way we know that we are showing our hand to our competitors but that just fine with us if that means that the community benefits from (A) being able to know the cost of the cleaning they are looking for and (B) maybe we are keeping the other companies that office ex: Carpet Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning, Maid Services, Tile and Grout cleaning and many more services we offer, Maybe just maybe we are keeping them to a fare or reasonable rate. Also, our trained Air Duct cleaning technicians are exactly that technicians not to be confused with salespeople, we will offer you what you're looking for not more than your needs. Look for our next blog entry for the difference of cleaning your ducts for "Air Quality" and maintenance to your system and know your goal or reason you're having your commercial or residential air duct cleaned.

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